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Luna Health PLLC

The Luna Mission:
Our goal is to provide quality mental health services from highly skilled professionals to help you reach peak wellness through a Mind, Body & Spiritual approach

Counseling in Southfield, Michigan
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Yoga Classes

Our Holistic Therapy Team

Redefining Wellness

Mental Health Therapy

Have you been struggling with mental health symptoms or high stress levels?  We are here for you! The hardest step is asking for help. Let us be that support you need right now. Contact us today to set up your first therapy session. We offer in-office and virtual mental health therapy sessions.

Meditation and Yoga 

Yoga and Meditation practices benefit both physical and emotional healing. Not only are they great for self care but they can be beneficial with healing trauma and decreasing stress in the body. Our therapists can provide individual coaching to teach you how to incorporate these strategies into your self healing. 

Reiki Energy Sessions & Sound Therapy

Reiki is a Japanese spiritual technique that is effective for stress reduction, relaxation, and promotes emotional and physical healing. Sound therapy is an ancient technique used to harness the vibrational energy of sound to promote emotional and physical healing. At Luna Health, we use both as additional support to aid healing. 

Mental Health Assessments

At Luna Health, we offer a variety of mental health assessments to compliment our wide array of mental and holistic therapy services. Our assessments include ADHD for ages 8+ and Emotional Support Animal assessments. 

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a healing technique that has been used for centuries. Research shows massage therapy is effective for both physical and emotional health. Some of the benefits include: improved circulation, healing soft tissue injuries, reduction of stress hormones, and reduction of anxiety and depression symptoms.

29551 Greenfield Rd., Suite 216

Southfield, Michigan 48076

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