Caitlyn Witek - CEO & Clinical Director

LMSW/Clinical Psychotherapist

Finding the right therapist is an important part of therapy and can make all the difference. I hope this information will let you know a little bit more about me, what I do, how/why I do it and why I’m great at it!  If you feel we would be a good fit, then please contact us to schedule an appointment.

Why Be a Therapist?

Being a therapist is my absolute passion!  When I was 18 years old I decided, I was going to one day have my own therapy practice. I wanted to do therapy my way without restrictions typical in a clinic owned by someone else. Now that this dream is a reality my passion and drive to be the best therapist I can has only increased. I discovered at a young age I had a real talent for listening to others and was able to understand why people do and say the things they do. I am 100% an empath so I can feel what you’re going through in a way that helps me understand how to help and support you in the best way possible.


What Kind of Therapist Am I? 

My approach as a therapist is always empathetic, compassionate and non-judgmental. I seek to understand the whole picture and how all areas of your life can be influencing your current struggles. Over the years I’ve developed my own style as a therapist that includes many techniques from a variety of treatment methods. I will tailor my approach to each individual person and their unique situation to provide them with the best skills and methods possible. It’s important to me to create not only a physically calming environment but an emotionally comfortable one too so you can say the things deep in your mind and heart that maybe no one else has heard before. I accept and love all cultures, religions, genders, and sexual orientations. I am not your typical “stuffy” or “boring” therapist that makes therapy awkward. My patients tell me they love that I am direct, blunt, and at times necessary brutally honest. I will not sugar coat things for you. I’m a total science nerd and use that knowledge to provide psychoeducation so you can understand what you’re feeling and why. I will teach you how to cope with symptoms and learn to control them with information about your brain and body. I work best with individuals who are motivated to put in the work to make changes happen in their life. I will give you the knowledge, understanding, tools, and support necessary to make this happen! Laughing, crying, swearing, humor, and sarcasm are not only radically accepted but encouraged in session. 


What Makes Me Qualified? 

My formal education began at Wayne State University Social Work program in 2008 after a deep love of psychology was found at University of Michigan. I graduated in 2013 with my Masters in Social Work and Certification in Marriage and Couples Therapy. I have also since acquired certification in The Gottman Method and am a certified SIPS assessor for diagnosing prodromal syndromes of psychosis. Some of my past jobs have been a First Responder at a sexual assault and domestic violence agency assisting those in immediate crisis after being assaulted. I have many years’ experience working in community mental health with severe and persistently mentally ill patients in a variety of different roles. I was also able to be a part of a new treatment program in Michigan called the Navigate Program which treated first episode psychosis patients to rapidly rehabilitate them and prevent further psychotic episodes. I recently spent nearly four years as a telebehavioral health social worker for Ascension hospitals all over the state of Michigan where I would remotely assess patients in the Emergency Department to determine appropriate level of care and facilitate initiating that care immediately.  All these experiences combined has truly given me a unique perspective. 


When I’m Not Working?

When my heart is not with my work and my patient's its’ with the family I’ve created. I am happily married with four children and four dogs so there is so much to love! We have two teenagers, a toddler, an infant, a blue pitbull (Luna), a pug puppy (Bellatrix) and brother/sister combo Pomeranian-yorkie mix breed (Teeny and Romeo)….so – much – fluff! I’m a huge animal lover! I’m a cancer sign so I feel most at peace on the water, boating or feet in the sand. I utilize baking as a coping skill for stress and love making people happy with delicious treats! I also really enjoy video games, board games, music and art. 

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