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Mental Health Therapy

Here is a glimpse at the services we offer and some reasons why it may be helpful to you...

In-Office & Online Therapy

Individual Therapy

- Women's Issues

   ○ Perinatal/Post-Partum  

      Depression, Anxiety, &


   ○ Infertility/Pregnancy Stress

   ○ Birth Trauma/Infant loss

- Anxiety

- Depression

- Stress Management

- Psychosis

- Trauma

- Abuse

- Boundaries

- Identity Development

- Exploring Sexuality

- Self-Esteem/Confidence Building

Young Adult Therapy

- Navigating Relationships And Dating

- Managing School Stress

- Developing Independence

- Communication Skills

- Sexuality/Identity

- Parental stressors

   ○ Coping with Divorce

   ○ Strained Relationships

   ○ Enmeshed Families

Couples Therapy

- Premarital Skill Building/Counseling

- Marriage Therapy

   ○ Gottman Method

- Co-Parenting

- Infidelity

- Sexual Dissatisfaction

- Conflict Management

- Communication Building

​Family Therapy

- Parent/Child Conflict

- Sibling Conflict

- Blended Families

- Navigating Divorce

- Custody/Legal Battles

- Parenting/New Parenthood

Psychosis Treatment

- Risk Reduction/Safety Planning

- Individual and Family Therapy

Psychology Patient
At the Psychologist
Affordable Counseling Services in Michigan


Emotional Support Animal Evaluation

- One-Time Evaluation to Determine Eligibility

- Certified Letter Provided to Establish Your Animal as an ESA for One Year

- Yearly Re-Evaluations Available

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Assessments (Ages 8+)

- Assessment only or assessment and report available.

- Not covered by insurance, please see pricing.

SIPS Assessment

- This assessment includes as many sessions as necessary to make a diagnosis.

- Not covered by insurance, please see pricing.

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