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Majida Elkadri
LLMSW, Clinical Social Worker

Finding the right therapist is an important part of therapy and can make all the difference. I hope this information will let you know a little bit more about me, what I do, how/why I do it and why I’m great at it!  If you feel we would be a good fit, then please contact us to schedule an appointment.

Why Be a Therapist?

I get asked this question a lot and the best way I can answer it is, well,  I thrive on helping people. The more detailed answer would be that when I was in high school, I went through a really hard time, I had to process a lot of life changing moments as well as bereavements and my school’s Social Worker was the one to inspire me to become a therapist after seeing how she guided me through these tough times. After high school, I started seeing a therapist and that was when my passion became a reality. I knew exactly what I wanted to do and specialize in. Being a therapist is one of the most fulfilling things in my life. The ability to be there for others, providing them with comfort and guidance, and seeing the progress with them during our work together, is what breathes life into my passion for my job.


What Kind of Therapist Am I? 

I am very open-minded and do my best to provide an easy-going and non judgemental environment to all. I strive to always be empathetic, understanding, safe and friendly to not only my clients but their loved ones too. I believe that in order to help someone, it is important to learn about them as an individual and that their issues and struggles do not define them. 


I believe that psychoeducation is a huge part in learning more about what it is that you are experiencing: your body and mind are connected at all times, and it is important to recognize what your body is telling you during high stress moments in life.

I specialize in a number of different areas such as, but not limited to: grief and loss, trauma, abusive and non-abusive relationships, family issues, life transitions and daily struggles. I work with individuals and couples who are ready to work on bettering themselves and their relationships. I am here to support and provide you with the proper knowledge and tools to help you achieve your goals! There is no need to filter yourself around me, if you need to cry, cry. If you need to laugh or joke about something, please do! Swearing is allowed, especially if that's the way you communicate, just be yourself! All of these things are encouraged and welcomed in my office, as this is supposed to be where you can let your true self and emotions out. I accept and welcome all who want to take the next step with me. 


What Makes Me Qualified? 

I studied and received my bachelor’s degree in Social Work at Eastern Michigan University in 2018. While working on my degree I had interned at a private facility where I focused on the care of members who suffered with different forms of mental health issues and illnesses. After graduating I applied and completed the advanced standing program at Wayne State University where I received my Master’s degree in Social Work, graduating in 2020. During my time there, I interned with multiple organizations that focused on group therapies for survivors of domestic abuse, grieving family members, as well as human trafficking survivors. Shortly after I was placed in a community mental health center where I interned as a therapist, gaining more experience to work in my field. While studying, I took additional courses to focus more on suicide prevention and trauma. My goal is to continue my education and training to become certified in complex trauma and other therapies.  


When I’m Not Working?

When I’m not working I like to try and do things I love, like spending time with my family and friends. I am huge on traveling, (my goal is to see the whole world one day, but for now, I travel mostly to visit those I love). I always try to designate time for my hobbies that I am passionate about, which include: photography, painting, reading, and listening to music on my record player (I just love the sound of an old fashioned vinyl!). I will always be open to receive recommendations on books, movies, shows, and new artists to listen to. I am a huge nerd at heart who geeks out about Harry Potter and would quote Friends on a daily basis if I could! I am also a huge bookworm who loves nothing more than sitting by the fire on a rainy day with a good book and a hot cup of tea just allowing the stresses to melt away under a cozy blanket.

Majida Elkadri Riding Horse
Majida Elkadri LMSW
Majida Elkadri Clinical Social Worker
Majida Elkadri Therapist at Luna Integrative Health
Meet Majida Elkadri LMSW

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