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Holistic Therapy

Here is a glimpse at the services we offer and some reasons why it may be helpful to you...

In-Person & Online Sessions


Yoga originated in Ancient India and is still used today for its’ holistic healing benefits. Research shows that practicing Yoga will not only improve your physiological health but also mental, spiritual and biochemical. Yoga is the practice of body movement with the breath to unify Mind, Body and Spirit. Our staff will customize a yoga flow designed for your specific needs. We offer virtual and in-person Yoga services.

Massage Therapy Services with Alison

All massage sessions are customized to your personal care needs. A 5-10 minute pre-massage consultation is included along with your scheduled session time.

Relaxation: Providing an opportunity to feel at ease while muscular tension in the body is addressed.

Reconnect: Neuromuscular and energy-balancing techniques are used to help stimulate positive energy flow within the body. May help address feelings of potential disconnect caused by disassociation, depression, pre/post-natal, anxiety, and any self-perceived imbalances. Not intended for replacement of medical or mental health care services. 

Reflexology: Addressing reflex points on the feet to stimulate corresponding reflex points throughout the body.


Reiki Energy Sessions

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique where the therapist channels energy through use of their hands to restore physical and emotional wellness. Our staff respects everyone’s individual boundaries and can either use hands over or on the body. This is often a very relaxing experience. The use of essential oils, crystals, or sound can be integrated into your Reiki session. We offer virtual and in-person Reiki services.

Psychic Services with Lisa

Lisa is a clairvoyant psychic medium.  Life can be very challenging at times. Our spiritual connection and beliefs are a big part of our healing processes. Lisa may be able to help you through your healing process by providing guidance.


Meditation is practiced in many different religions and spiritual practices. It is used to train your attention and awareness to help achieve mental clarity with emotional stability. We offer virtual and in-person Meditation services.

Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy is an ancient technique used to harness the vibrational energy of sound to promote emotional and physical healing. It is a deeply immersive experience that can help reduce anger, stress, anxiety, depression and chronic pain. Our staff utilizes Gongs, Sound Bowls and other instruments during the session. We offer virtual and in-person Sound Therapy services. 

Reiki Energy Sessions in Southfield
Yoga Classes in Southfield, MI
Meditation Classes in Southfield, MI
Sound Therapy in Southfield, MI

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