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Adam S. Haj
LLMSW - Mental Health & S.U.D Therapist

Adam S. Haj - LLMSW

Adam received his Masters degree in Clinical Social Work from Wayne State University. Adam specializes in working with adults and couples, treating mental health disorders, stress disorders, interpersonal conflicts, and substance use disorders.

Why Be A Therapist?


As a teenager, I had front row seats to the experience of anxiety and depression. At the time, I didn’t know much about mental health, I just wanted whatever it was to stop. I had my first experience with therapy at the age of 19, and was ambivalent about being vulnerable to someone I didn’t even know. Perhaps that’s what made it easier for me; knowing that this person couldn’t judge me, that they legally couldn’t talk about our discussions, and that no matter what I talked about, I was reminded that I was more than worth my own love and affection, and that I was okay - there’s nothing wrong with me. 

I’ve since been fascinated by the field of psychology, and I’m always awed by the growth I see in the people I meet when I allow them to be and feel and think for themselves, without the attachments and conditioning that tethers them to their thoughts.


What Kind of Therapist Am I?


My approach to therapy - my approach to anything, really - is practicality. I give every person I meet an empathic, compassionate, and non-judgmental space to talk about their experiences and struggles. I offer practical insight and advice, as well as tools and resources to help guide my patients as they pursue healing and self-actualization. I am able to adapt sessions to your specific preferences based on your preferred identity, spiritual perspectives, and comfort level, while encouraging openness and transparency through practice, and by example. Nothing is off limits; you may cry, laugh, swear, or crack jokes. I want you to be authentically you, because that’s the You that shines so brightly.


What Makes Me Qualified?


My formal education at Wayne State offered me the tools, skills, and hands-on experience needed to be able to provide the best therapeutic services to my patients. Although this is important, I think an even more significant factor to my qualifications would be my own personal experiences with mental illness and addiction, and being able to understand the depths to which these affect us, as well as the proper ways to process and deal with them.


When I’m Not Working?


I implement the same routines that I encourage my patients to practice: self care, meditation, exercise, reading, journaling, and any other extracurricular activities that elicit feelings of joy and freedom. For me, that’s going on long walks or long drives, playing musical instruments, building stuff, or getting together with friends and loved ones.

Adam S. Haj Therapist for Luna Integrative Health & Wellness
Adam Haj LLMSW & S.U.D Therapist
Adam S. Haj Mental Health & S.U.D Therapist
Adam S. Haj - LLMSW in Michigan

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