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Tricia Chandler


Tricia is a Rapid Transformational Therapist and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. She was educated by the Marisa Peer School of Rapid Transformational Therapy and is currently working on her Trauma and Abuse Recovery Certification with the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching. She also has advanced degrees in other areas.

Tricia is very knowledgeable about cluster B disorders and is a strong advocate to help her clients move forward. She is kind, warm, generous, and very supportive.  Other areas of experience include: anger, fears, phobias, compulsive behaviors, hoarding, anxiety, depression, weight loss, binge eating, smoking cessation, confidence and self-esteem, grief and loss, public speaking, sports and job performance, and more.

When Tricia isn’t working she likes to spend time with her dogs, many good friends, working on her
house, or puttering in her garden. She is an active member of several area garden clubs as well and has a vast knowledge of plants.

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Tricia Chandler - RTTA, C.Hyp, TRC, MSd, BS

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