Holly Shay Rotter - Yoga, Reiki, & Sound Therapy

RYT-200 / Reiki Master / Certified Sound Therapist / Minister

I’m pleased to introduce you to Holly! She is a woman of many hats including Yoga and Meditation teacher, Reiki Master, Vibrational Sound Healing Practitioner, wife and mother. Her life and work revolve around the Natural World, adopting self-care as a lifestyle and a means to enjoy and maintain a gratifying life both physically and emotionally. ​


What does Holly offer?

Yoga: Holly is experienced in several areas of yoga including Hatha, Yin, Ashtanga, Children’s, Adaptive/Therapeutic, Fascial Focus, Pre-natal and Senior yoga. She uses this broad experience to develop individualized yoga flows for each person she works with. 


Reiki: As a Reiki Master she is able to transfer energy through her palms to promote emotional and physical healing. She often incorporates supportive modalities including crystals, mantras, soothing sounds and healing vibrations (with her gongs) into each session to help clear blockages and realign the chakras thus promoting healing and clarity in a gentle and effective manner. Each session is unique, intuitive and illuminating.


Sound Therapy/Sound Bath: Gong Sound Healing is a very large part of Holly’s work and lifestyle. She was formally trained at The Integral Yoga Institute in Greenwich Village New York by Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux. The Gong sessions will guide you into an effortless meditative state which taps into the infinite power of each student’s subconscious. Holly has found that the drums are an effective way for clients and Sacred Women’s Circles to emote without causing stress to those who might find vocal outletting to be alarming.


Womens Circles: Womens’ circles are a safe and sacred place for women to come together. They offer empowering connection, community and refuge. These are often held during specific times in the Lunar Cycle. It is a supportive, judgement-free environment for women to help other women.  Holly brings her knowledge and experience of Women’s’ Circles to the company.

When She's Not Working?

Holly is a Michigan native who attracts and enjoys serendipity. Her love and respect for the outdoors led her to the slopes, whitewater and rocky trails of Colorado. She was a Wilderness First Responder, guide on land and White Water for many years until she returned to Michigan to start her family.

She spends her leisure time practicing vippasana, traveling with her husband of 21 years and sledding with her two rescue Huskies.

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